JB-Eurostage “Since we organise a lot of promotional activities for our organisation and have to invest considerably in materials, we had a look at whether it was possible to purchase our own stage. Whenever we don’t need the stage ourselves, we can hire it out and recoup the investment quickly that way. We promptly heard about JB-Eurostage. They welcomed us into an attractive, spacious showroom where people listened to what we were after and then demonstrated to us how easy it is to inflate an inflatable podium.”
“We are very happy with Eurostage. Very professional, good service and a high-quality product.”
 JB-Eurostage  “Rapid, simple construction and dismantling characterise JB-Eurostage’s inflatable mobile stage. Since the stage can be so easily built by just one person, we save considerable costs. Thanks to JB-Eurostage, the cost of having to rent a stage each time is also history!”


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