XXL Mobile stage


Stage XXL is our largest mobile stage. The cover is inflatable and airtight.

The stage comes complete and is easy to use for a lot of events.


Dimensions: 8,0 x 6,0 x 6,1
Floor height: 1,0
Floor load: 250kg/m2
Stage weight: ca. 2500 kg
Driving license required: BE
Traction car/bus: 2500 kg
Assembly time: ca. 25 minutes, 1 person
Dismantling time: ca. 25 minutes, 1 person


  • Hinged steps
  • Stage skirt all the way round
  • 2x High-pressure blower with auto refilling
  • Trailer construction certificate EN 2007/46/EG
  • 2-Year guarantee
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