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Do you or your client organise events or fairs in one or several locations? Are you a sponsor or do you have an advertising agency, promotion or facilities company? Do you regularly spend a lot on stage with assembly and dismantling and external machines? Wouldn’t you prefer to surprise people with a fluid, smooth approach and have a lot more time to spare as a result? A mobile stage with its own inflatable stage cover by JB-Eurostage is the solution! The extremely strong and stable stages are extremely suitable for concerts, festivals, roadshows, products and promotional activities or events.

You don’t just save on staff costs for inflation and deflation, but also on the high cost of a traditional stage. In 20 minutes, the stage is in running order and the high-pressure inflated stage cover is both striking and eye-catching. The extremely practical and simple manner of low-volume inflation and deflation guarantees a flexible approach up until the very last moment!

Inflatable covers
JB-Eurostage doesn’t just sell complete animated stages. The covers can also be purchased individually so you can always make use of your own base or trailer.

A unique podium in the style of your brand or event
At an event, sponsors with an inflatable podium can do a great job, a unique stage in the style of the brand or event. The surfaces of the stage cover are ideal for securing the advertising banners. Also, entirely custom-made and printed rear walls or stage skirting are very quick and easy to create. We would be happy to provide you with a digital design.

Innovative technique
The closed, airtight mobile stage covers are the unique result of a creative process, innovative solutions and intensive tests.

JB-Eurostage constructs and sells complete mobile stages and inflatable covers which, with the aid of remote controlled hydraulics, are ready for use in just 20 minutes!

The innovative technique makes it possible to operate both the hydraulic legs and the stage floors with the wireless remote control. The inflatable stage cover is placed under pressure by means of a compressor mounted under the mobile stage and then safely rendered airtight.

No use is made of a constant blower as is customary with airlocks: the particularly strong welded joints prevent the loss of pressure. When the stage cover is placed under pressure, the compressor remains on stand-by. Any loss of pressure is automatically compensated.

Custom made
Your own stage can be adapted to your house style. With your idea as the guiding principle, JB-Eurostage can develop a unique stage in collaboration with you.

Alongside the standard programme, JB-Eurostage offers the possibility of developing and manufacturing a custom-made stage on the basis of your own design or idea. The rear wall and the skirting can be manufactured entirely to your specifications. It is also possible to extend and decorate a stage with unique 3D inflatables and/or banners, fitted out with advertising and sponsorship texts.

JB-Eurostage is delighted to invite you to its branch in Meppel
In our spacious 2500m² company premises and large showroom we can show you all the aspects of our unique products. JB-Eurostage is open every day from 8.30 am till 5 pm. We would be happy to arrange an appointment with you, so that we can best be of service to you.

JB-Eurostage is a subsidiary company of JB-Inflatable, supplier of promotional materials with the biggest collection of inflatables in Europe.

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